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1. What causes my light bulbs to burn out quickly?

No oneslikes being told they product is not a good product but in most cases as with light bulbs we tend to cheap out on these items.Buying a good bulb will help in these cases but also look at the voltage of the bulb in more cases than not we find that by using a 130 volt bulb you get a longer life than by using your regular 120volt bulb. These bulbs can be picked up at any electrical supply house and some box stores.


2. What is a GFCI receptacle?

A GFCI is a Ground Fault Circuit Interupter. This device is either installed a a breaker, receptacle, or made on a drop cord to provide the user protection from a electrical shock and/or death. You commonly see the outlets in areas around your home where you or your appiance is subject to wet and damp locations.  If your GFCI is bad you should have it replaced ASAP to prevent injury to you or your loved ones.


3. My lights flicker alot in my home. What can I do?

This could be caused by many things such as loose wires, bad transformer, or bad light.  In a case like this it is best to have a professional to inspect your problem and address the problem on site.


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Need to know

When do you need a licensed electrician?

Any time you are installing new wiring ,light fixtures, receptacles, breakers and panels. Any person or company performing electrical work in North Carolina should be licensed.


Do I need a electrical permit if I own the property?

In most cases, yes even if you own your house your electrical work has to be inspected for safety and quality.