1. 10% off sale of generator for senior citizens 55 and older, retired miltary and active miltary
  2. Residential service contracts .  We will schedule a date and come out and do a inspection of your electrical system check smoke detectors and tighten all wires in you electrical panel. if why we are inspecting if we find problems we will write you a report and give you a no obligation estimate for  you to reveiw and price else where if you like. This service runs $100.00 a year
  3. Commercial cotract we will come to your business quarterly or biquarterly inspect your exit and emergency lights , surge protectors and tighten wires in your panels. If we find problems or concerns we will write a report and give you a no obligation price for fixing your problems. Quarterly inspections start at $250.00 and up depending on size of business. Biquarterly starts at $300.00 depending on size of business (square footage),or we can do a yearly inspection at a cost $425.00



Electrical Solutions of NC INC.

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Need to know

When do you need a licensed electrician?

Any time you are installing new wiring ,light fixtures, receptacles, breakers and panels. Any person or company performing electrical work in North Carolina should be licensed.


Do I need a electrical permit if I own the property?

In most cases, yes even if you own your house your electrical work has to be inspected for safety and quality.